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Old 01-06-2018, 05:20 PM
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Salutations from Puerto Rico!~

Hello fellow members of the community! Breaking the ice with my first post here! =)

I'm from Puerto Rico, currently living here. After surviving two devastating hurricanes and recently having power restored I still find myself without internet. Thank you for cellphone rooting and hot spotting.

It was tough... it really was, and quite frankly it still is... but those are stories for another post!~ xD

Speaking of stories, I bought my first Motorcycle ever back in April 2017, a 2007 K1200R Sport. And I wish to share with you that tale, (Shamelessly copy pasting from another forum cause I'm the author and I can xD {but this version has the extra bonus content!!}) Enjoy!~

Back then, BMW was waaaaay of out my league and by association, out of my list of candidates... So I never really did much investigating about BMW bikes...

One day, I came across a BMW K1200R Sport in our local online ad for sale. The asking price was $6,800. I said nope! ...buuuuut decided to just go look at it because it was close by and the picture made it look interesting...

After a couple of text exchanges I finally went to go see it... I fell in love. I cannot begin to express how beautiful and amazing that bike looked, tucked away in the corner of a run down auto-shop... She had original Pirelli tires that were starting to crack and looked dried up, she was covered by a raggety blue tarp that was torn and shredded. She looked so sad and neglected... I am trying really hard to describe the surge of emotions I felt when I laid eyes on that bike. And the best I can come up with is...

You walk into an industrial city slum, the smell of oil, fuel, exhaust, grinded metal and sweat assault your sense. The eyes of those around you look at you, but they look past you. Empty and hollow you don't see a soul there anymore, greed and labor has taken over. Even though the sun is out, the aura, smoke and steam darken the environment. "Please watch your step around these wires and cables... The floor is messy and slick, so please do be careful." You hear as you stop looking around you and focus on your guide walking in front of you with his face turned to you as he spoke. A medium sized man with a round body. White short hair brushed back shows his wisdom in years but his sharp, cold and tired eyes tell you about his long and winded business man career. He was the owner of this auto shop. "I just don't know what to do with it anymore... It's been sitting there and no one wants to buy it." He turns to look at an object covered in a ragged and torn tarp with a washed out blue color. You turn to follow his gaze but it's hard to make out what lies underneath it. As he closes the distance to the covered object he reaches for a switch on the wall flicking it on, filling the room with a low hum as the overhead light begins to warm up. The cover is finally drawn.

As light slowly begins to fill the area and its hum begins to quiet down you stare, taking in every line, every shape, every curve, the size, the colors, the reflections, the shadows... Everything. "Wow" was the only word that managed to free itself from your thoughts and made its way to your mouth as it stayed slightly ajar. You take a hesitant step forward, afraid that you will start losing view of this beautiful mechanical creature from your field of vision. And what a creature it was. If you had to make a metaphorical comparison you would settle on Greek Mythology. A Pegasus, a silver Pegasus with slight undertones, sleek and nimble capable of traversing without much effort the most dangerous storms, winds, skies and roads. A Unicorn, a black Unicorn with slight highlights, brute and powerful boasting amazing strength capable of accomplishing incredible feats effortlessly. It's both, it is a Winged Unicorn, an Alicorn, a silver with black undertones Alicorn that hides incredible untapped power and raw unmatched agility underneath all its beauty.

As you keep admiring every single detail and aspect you begin to notice the imperfections, the signs of neglect. Cracks and torn pieces adorn its rubber tires that appear to be slightly deflated as air has slowly escaped over the years. Dust, oils, grime and gunk cover its top and side opposite from the kickstand. Spray paint seems to also have found its way to the windshield, showing the lack of care and importance. Imprints and markings of something heavy with sharp corners, recently moved somewhere else, are visible on its saddle. You take a look around the area once again and notice that several workers are looking at you. Turning your attention to the mechanical creature before you once again you feel your heart sink as you come to the conclusion that no one really cares for it anymore. It has become a burden, an object in the way.

"Does it start?" You ask as you run your thumb nail over the windshield and feel joy as the dried up paint mist begins to clear way. "Yes, it should, I recently installed a new battery in it. Let me get you the key." The owner said as he made his back to the office.

Moments later he re-emerges and hands you a small key with a black flat head. "Here. Give it a go."

You slide the key into the ignition, and twist clockwise. The dash and warning lights all spring to life as you hear whirring and servos activate in the body along with mechanical clicks. What? What is that? ...What are you? You notice the gray button with a white circle rounding a lightning arrow sitting on top of a red lever with a similar symbol but with an X on top of it. Remembering all the you tube videos you've seen you ask for confirmation, "Is this the ignition?" "Yes." He replied as your finger closed the distance and pressed... But nothing happened. "Wait, you have to put it in Neutral" The owner said as he made his way to the other side of the bike and engaged the clutch lever as his foot stumbled around the gear shift. Watching the scene unfold, you reply in hopes of saving face, "Oh I thought you already had it in Neutral, my bad." "It's alright," he answered, "it's a good thing this is a fancy bike, cause if it wasn't it would've started in gear and jumped toward the wall." Aware that your rookie mistake did not go unnoticed, matters got worse when a large and bright green N lit up on the dash panel. Of course... The green light... All videos had it on when they start their bikes... Sigh "Okay," the owner said while looking at you, "now you can give it a go"

Chack Chack Chack Cha-Garrroouuhhgg blup blup blup blup... After listening to the engine Idle for a while you produce a deep blip of the throttle vaaaarrroooOOOOOOUUUUUUUMMMMMmmmm*pop pop*uuuuuuoooaaaaaaaaaa ah blup blup blup blup...

As the sounds reverberated through your body, you knew. You had just become aware. Maybe it was the looks. Maybe it was the sounds. Maybe it was the lights. Maybe you were just standing too close to the exhaust... But you knew. You knew a secret truth that no one else in that room knew. You knew something that no one else in that room could ever understand. You looked at the Mechanical Alicorn before you, once again, in its state of deterioration and disdain and you knew, you had to save it. You had to take it with you.

Okay, how do I get this out of here? 68 hundred is way our of my budget... "How much are you asking for it?" You asked as you collected your thoughts. "Well, I originally bought it from it's first owner. He was one of those rich kids that impulsively buys things. Turns out, one day, entering his gated community the gate closed on him making him hit the fence, developing these scratches you see here." He pointed at the left fairing, left handle and left rear view mirror. He then continued, "After that, he didn't want it any more so he put it up for sale. I bought it from him at 14K since he said he had paid 20K or so at the dealer.

"Eventually, I ended up riding it a couple of times to roll around and cruise for girls... But it's too sporty for me. It hurts my belly. I'm an old man, it's a bit uncomfortable for me.

"Also there was a recall on the bike. If you notice the dash there is a Brake failure light blinking there." You look to confirm the red blinking warning light as he continues, "So they issued a recall for faulty ABS systems. I took my bike in to the BMW dealership and they kept it there for over six months! I have the papers of service and everything! After six months of waiting I got tired of and told them that I wanted my bike back. They told me that they couldn't give it out until the recall was serviced. I said I didn't care and took my bike out. I think I shouldn't have done that because now the light is still blinking and I don't feel safe riding it anymore.

"So originally I was selling it for 12K to try and get some of my money back, but since it hasn't sold I dropped it down to 10K, 8K, 7K, 6.8K and now I offered you 6k for it. Wait... you haven't mentioned an offer to me yet. But I'll take it for now. "Okay, well I'm interested in buying. However, I need to get a trailer to pick it up." "Oh that's fine, come into my office, I'll show you all the papers I have on the bike." He replied as he guided you indoors.

You make your way into his office where he proceeds to show you his title and purchase information. He then shows you a faded BMW dealership service slip as he identifies that it was the service slip for the brake ABS recall. As he mentions these things, a particular sentence catches your attention. "...So with that slip of paper, you can request a follow up service to the ABS that they didn't fix properly..." Wait, didn't you say that you took the bike away before they had a chance to finish the service? "Okay" you simply responded as you put the paper safely away in your pocket.

A couple of other exchanges later you find yourself in your car driving back home deciding what your next step should be. You reach for the slip of paper once you stop at a traffic light to inspect it better and in private. You can't quite make out what the service was for because of the faded lettering. I'll just swing by the dealership... It's really close to home. They should be able to tell me what was done.

"Good afternoon! The owner of this motorcycle asked me to step in on his behalf and follow up on the ABS recall service that was performed on his bike. Here is the service slip." You say to the girl at the counter and you hand her the slip. She takes it and starts punching in some numbers on her computer. "Hmmm..." She muses to herself as she stares to the screen. She leans over to her co-worker while pointing at the screen, "Hey, is this the service performed?" "Hm? Yes, it is. They recalled the Ring Aereo on these bikes." Ring Aereo? What the heck is a Ring Aereo? ...is it like a spoiler? "Sir, I'm not showing any brake service for this vehicle." The girl replied while looking at you. "Well, he must've given me the wrong service slip, can you check the service history for this bike? He's had the bike serviced for oil changes, brake pads, liquids and the ABS recall." You say as you start feeling uneasy of the situation. "Hmmm, not really sir. I just show this one service back in January for the Ring Aereo recall." You take a moment to think to yourself as the girl patiently stares at you... Images of the decaying bike flash before you and that blinking red Brake Failure light. "Okay," you finally responded, "well he has an issue with the ABS system, its flashing on the dash panel. Since it's not covered by a service warranty, has it been recalled?" She types into the computer and replies, "No sir. I don't see a recall on the ABS module for that bike." "Right, well, how much would it cost to conduct that repair?" "Well sir, we would have to have the technicians carry out a diagnosis on the vehicle first to determine what the problem might be." A wall... "Alright, I'll talk to him about it. Thank you very much for your time." "No sir, thank you."

Things are not adding up... Clearly he was lying, or maybe he's becoming senile. I'm not sure, but what I am sure about is that I will save you... It wont be easy, but I wont give up.

"$2,500!!" You yelled out as you found out a rough estimate for the ABS Module repair while searching online. "Cheezus..." Okay, if I have him help me with the cost of repairing that module, I can bring the price down into my budget... If he puts 15 hundred and I put ten. I can pay $4,500... I can pay that.This will be my counter-offer based on my findings here... It has to work.


...and it did. At first he was extremely reluctant to accept my offer, but I had the cash on hand, I placed it on his desk, and told him that it was clear to me that he really wanted to sell the bike and no one was really interested in buying it from him, but I was. I also expressed that once future prospect buyers would realize that there was a problem with the ABS Module and how much it would cost to repair it that they would either walk away from the sale or have him repair it to which he would lose those 25 hundred; especially considering that he would have to keep lowering the price to give it a chance to sell, but I wasn't, I was willing to split the cost of the repair. Lastly, it was almost a ten year old bike.

Realizing the weight of my words, the cash on the table, and the burden of that bike sitting in the corner depreciating more and more every single day would finally be out of his life. He took the counter-offer.

And as for me? Well... That ABS Brake Failure light turns itself off every time I slowly pull away...

...Turns out it just needed to roll a bit to detect the moving wheels! Best investment ever!

...That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

If there are riders in the PR Area, hit me up! I wan't to go group riding!
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Old 01-06-2018, 05:53 PM
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Re: Salutations from Puerto Rico!~

Wow so you got a bike? You do know the clutches are a terrifying weak point that cost millions to repair?

post some pics and congrats. Nice to see something written from a not frozen hell.
2009 K1300S
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Old 01-06-2018, 06:14 PM
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Re: Salutations from Puerto Rico!~

Welcome to i-BMW.
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Old 01-06-2018, 07:15 PM
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Re: Salutations from Puerto Rico!~

Welcome to the site.

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Old 01-08-2018, 12:39 PM
RattleBattle RattleBattle is offline
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Re: Salutations from Puerto Rico!~

Originally Posted by KafkaKaffe
Wow so you got a bike? You do know the clutches are a terrifying weak point that cost millions to repair?

post some pics and congrats. Nice to see something written from a not frozen hell.

What?! Pffftt... You're kidding! xD I'll post some pics once I get back to PR, I have to fly out to Alabama in five hours.

Originally Posted by EveryoneElse
Welcome to the site/i-BMW.

Thank you kindly! I look forward to great and amazing many of things.

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Old 01-08-2018, 12:46 PM
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Re: Salutations from Puerto Rico!~

Welcome to the site, hoping you get clear roads to ride on, and that the hurricane damage gets repaired. Post up some photos when you get a chance.
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Old 01-08-2018, 06:29 PM
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Re: Salutations from Puerto Rico!~

You'll be fine, keep the drag strip starts to a minimum. The bikes are not the greatest around town but sure fun on the road. The engine is a hot rod high compression engine, use the best gas you can find and good motorcycle rated oil. The final drive only takes 180ml of gear oil, GL5. Plenty to read about the bike here.
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This I-BMW member either likes, thanks -or- is 'shouting out' to 'Beech' for this post:
Old 01-08-2018, 07:21 PM
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Re: Salutations from Puerto Rico!~

Originally Posted by RattleBattle
What?! Pffftt... You're kidding! xD I'll post some pics once I get back to PR, I have to fly out to Alabama in five hours.

Thank you kindly! I look forward to great and amazing many of things.

Yes I am kidding. Theres a massive amount of write ups on the clutches though. Interesting development through into the 1300s. Thankfully I show no symptoms. But I am not whiny or ahem very perceptive.
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Old 01-09-2018, 06:13 AM
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Re: Salutations from Puerto Rico!~

Welcome aboard mate
Nice write up and please, post some pics of your beast
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Old 01-09-2018, 05:35 PM
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Re: Salutations from Puerto Rico!~

Great write up RB,

Serves the seller right for mistreating the beast.
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Old 01-09-2018, 10:01 PM
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Re: Salutations from Puerto Rico!~

Hope Congress authorizes more resources to help get things functioning better down there, especially the roads so you can get out and see what that bike can really do. Good luck.
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