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Old 11-27-2016, 04:29 PM
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BMW K1300R Sargent Seat Heated - Installation

Hey guys

I recently got a new Sargent heated seat and since there arent too many posts out there for the k1300R I thought I might put this one up.

So I ordered the seat a few weeks ago, initially without the rear pod, although I recently changed my mind and ordered it as well, should be arriving soon. It took a while for the seat to come since they didnt have it in stock in their uk shop. Got it this friday.

I went for the heated option, not that I really use the bike that much anyway but for 120 pounds it was worth the investment (i think).

The seat is black and has a silver lining which I think looks very nice on the bike. Pictures later.

Anyway, I originally asked the BMW if they could fit the seat for me (the heating) but they said it would cost me a fortune since there is a lot of work involved, he said I should give it a go and that I would see how much work it is.

As it didnt seem to be difficult at all and after a few tips from the mechanic and decided to install it today. It took me about 4 hours, although I did take it very slowly as I was a bit worried about dismantling the motorbike. Everytime I dismantle things I end up with spare screws lol

After a bit of thinking I decided to put the controller beside the clocks on the front of the bike. Also, I was advised to use the front head light as the on/off switch so the heating will only turn on when the bike is running. To top it up the relay that comes with the controller does not fit in the baterry compartment so I had to move it under the seat. Which meant I would need to lay a lot of cable. Before starting with the installation I tested the controller to make sure it worked, wouldnt like going through all this to find out the switch or controller were faulty.

This is more or less what came with the seat

The main problem is that as I had to place the relay under the seat, the cables would not be enough to reach neither the battery not the head light, so I had to extend them. I was lucky as the controller cable did reach the relay from the front otherwise that could have been an issue.

See below, the yellow line is the on/off switched line, the blue is the controller and the red the battery cables. The purple square is the relay and the green circle is where the seat connects to.

As you can imagine I had to remove every single from the middle of the bike upwards, that included tank, radiator and side covers both left and right.

Here are some of the panels on the ground

After that and with a little patience I passed the cable from back to front following the line already there (following the original BMW wires. I placed the 2 battery cables and the switched line cable inside a protecting tube (as in the picture) to protect them a bit more against the elements and also so the cables wouldnt be visible from the outside.

I also had to move the fuse box to the front where the battery is as otherwise it would defuse the entire purpose of the fuse (blue fuse in the below picture)

I split the Battery and switched line/controller cables right in front of the air filter. Again I covered the cables with wiring tubing. The controller and switched line cables followed the left frame of the bike until right before the head lights. Always following the current wiring setup.

I covered the controller cables and swtiched line cables with black tape (not shown in the previous picture) so they wouldnt be noticeable when looking at the bike. The yellow/green cable (switched line) was connected to the head light (yellow) cable.

Then I tested it again to make sure the installation was successful and that the heating will only work when the engine is running and not when the key is on (instruments), it worked perfectly. Also, while cutting and connecting cables, I always tested connectivity of every cable with a multimeter just to make sure they were working.

Here is a final picture of the wiring without the panels on.

Tidy up the cables under the seat a bit, enough so they wont move around, it looks better in person

Next thing was to place the controller beside the clocks. To do this I decided to remove the front shield.

I also use this moment to tidy the cables with cable ties (cable ties were used everywhere along the wiring line, again matching the existing design).

So I just had to finish covering the cable with black tape (it was still visible as in the previous picture) and put a couple of cable ties to make sure the cable wouldnt get caught with the suspension arm.

And the final result with the front shield back on

The controller attaches to the bike with adhesive Velcro. So far it seems to be holding fine.

And here is a picture of the seat on the bike and my chicken strips!

Cant really comment on how good it is yet, I will after a few weeks or use. So far it feels ok, stiffer than the old one but more comfy. Will post pictures of the rear pod once I receive it although I will have to paint it first
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Old 11-28-2016, 07:11 PM
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Re: BMW K1300R Sargent Seat Heated - Installation

Great job, thanks for taking the time to document and photograph the process. I had a heated seat on a previous bike. You'll appreciate it when it's cool and damp out.
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