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Old 12-31-2016, 09:17 PM
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Re: Software update at home with ISTA/P and ICOM

I have been searching, and "icom" led me to this thread. I'm a card carrying member of DENSA, so some of this is over my head. I've come across a vendor named TechnoResearch, and am wondering if any one has any experience with their tools. Will a Chinese BMW CAN A=B=C (BMW car tool) work for me (2005 K1200S with the anti-theft, EWS, activated) if I get a D cable adapter? Running Windows 10 on my laptop. I've seen reference to D and E for BMW motorcycles, what is the E?
I guess I am hoping that with a little help and the right hardware and software I can do an end around on the dealerI've also learned the Euro bikes seem to all use the same vendor for their ECU/ECM. As an Aprilia owner as well, this is of interest to me. As a former Snapon tools dealer, I'm also curious about that line of scan tools and if they have any applications I can apply to my K1200S with a D cable. One last question, in my searching I've come across a bunch of tuning applications, mostly for HD. Any opinions on Power Commander vs. these tuning aps? I'm sure the road racers have cracked all of this. Back in my day we'd do a wet bulb/dry bulb reading, check the specific gravity of the fuel, and then do the mumbo jumbo with the Mikunis and the timing, and then hope for the best. I will keep surfing these threads, and I'll send a couple PM's when I have the time to express my thanks for what I've learned so far... puptent
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Old 02-08-2018, 01:11 PM
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Re: Software update at home with ISTA/P and ICOM

Is there anyone on this forum successfully using this approach? I have the software but it obviously will not function without being connected to a bike or car.

What specific link to a good interface cable can you provide?

Getting a GS-911 but this is damned interesting stuff.
2009 K1300S
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Old 02-08-2018, 02:51 PM
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Re: Software update at home with ISTA/P and ICOM

Ebay: K-DCAN interface and the Motorrad adapter cable (OBD2 to 16 pin round)

The software ISTA/D (Diagnostic) and ISTA/P (programing)
Will only run with an ICOM ABC plexer ($500 upwards) or i am just to stupid to configure the *.ini file correctly.

The K-DCAN interface + NCSExpert, WinkFP and TooSet32 is able to do the same as ISTA/D/P just alot more complicated. WinkFP can also flash new drivers to the BMSKP, as long as you know the exact build state of the BMSKP controller vs software version to flash.

It took me about 6 month to learn the software, and i still dont know everything yet. It also helps, that i speak german. The software is 70% in German.

I would suggest to go with a GS911 if you are only after basic maintenance/fault code reading.

If you really want to get into the software read in this thread:

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