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Dealer Experiences Good, Bad, Ugly? Share with us !

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Old 07-05-2006, 03:18 PM
gtfodski gtfodski is offline
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Question Max Bmw "make An Offer"

Has anybody out there who recently purchased a bike at this New HAMPSHIRE dealer use this option to purchase there bike?Comments.Considering future purchase,thanks
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Old 07-05-2006, 06:10 PM
wilman wilman is offline
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Re: Max Bmw "make An Offer"

No but just bought a K1200s from them on Saturday. Traded in my 2002 K1200rs. I felt they did give me a good deal. Have heard alot of good things about their servicing. I would just stop off and visit them. Not sure if the online make an offer will result in a lower price. You may just want to get to know the people, unless you have previously visited the dealership.
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Old 07-05-2006, 08:26 PM
gottabeemer gottabeemer is offline
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Re: Max Bmw "make An Offer"

I did not buy from the New Hampshire store but I did buy from the NY store, I also did the make an offer deal and had a what I would call a good deal. I made a offer for a 2003 K1200GT and traded my 2004 R1150RT, thus far I am happy. Max and Ben have quite a operation.

2003 K1200GT
2004 R1150Rt
2002 R1150Rt
2002 R1150R
1987 K100LT
1972 Triumph Bonney
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Old 07-06-2006, 09:41 AM
gtfodski gtfodski is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: amston, CT USA
Re: Max Bmw "make An Offer"

Thanks for the replies ,guys .I have not heard a bad word about this dealership!
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Old 07-06-2006, 11:00 AM
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Re: Max Bmw "make An Offer"

Originally Posted by gtfodski
Thanks for the replies ,guys .I have not heard a bad word about this dealership!

Chris Heilman (member here who's on um, timeout), recently bought his K1200S & couldn't be happier with their service & org. as a whole.

I've been up there a number of times & have heard nothing but great stuff about them.
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Old 07-16-2006, 10:47 PM
MacHinest MacHinest is offline
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Re: Max Bmw "make An Offer"

My service experience with Max BMW of New Hampshire was pretty disappointing.

I had heard good things about them and decided to try them out for some work to be done on my 1990 K75. They offered free pick up and delivery which made bypassing my local dealer and giving them a shot worth the try.

One week after scheduling the service my bike was picked up and brought to
New Hampshire. That afternoon Butch, the service manager, called to let me know the bike was there and to confirm what I wanted done. So far so good.

I had requested an annual service, a full spline lube, and to investigate and fix an oil leak coming from the weep hole at the back of the bell housing. Also I was experiencing backfiring.

Almost 1 1/2 weeks had come and gone and I hadn't heard any more from them so I placed a call to check in on things. I was told that the annual had been done but that was all at that point. I knew that it was a busy time for bike shops so I figured it would be a few more days of waiting. A week later I finally got a call from Butch telling me that the oil leak was because the rear main seal needed to be replaced and that the clutch was in need of replacing also. I agreed to the work and he said that he would keep me informed. I heard nothing else for a week and then got a call from Bob that my bike was done and would be delivered in a couple of days. 3 1/2 weeks after pick-up my bike was dropped off at my house while I was at work. The first thing I noticed when I saw it, was that while the bike was on the center stand on level ground, the oil level was not visible in the sight glass at all! I had to add almost 2/3 of a quart to bring it into view. Next I looked under the bike to inspect the weep hole and, sure enough, there was oil still present like it was prior to servicing. I decided to ride the bike a couple of days and keep an eye on the leak. It continued and so did the backfiring, so I called and made arrangements for them to bring the bike back to their shop and check it out. Another week went by and again I heard nothing so I placed a call to Butch. I was told that they had put a sheet of paper under the bike and were waiting for it to "drip" but nothing had yet and they thought it was "residual oil" left over from the seal and clutch replacement. Butch also said they rebalanced the throttle bodies to eliminate the backfiring issue. Two weeks after the second pick up, my bike was again delivered to my house. I wasn't charged anything for the second "service" work as this was a warranty issue for the previous work. I wasn't really happy about having to wait 2 more weeks for for it either.

I again got home from work and my bike was sitting on the driveway on the center stand. I immediately noticed the lower engine fairing (belly pan) was missing!
Son of a B--ch! I called Butch and he agreed to have it delivered to me the next day or he could UPS it to me. Two days later UPS delivered the fairing. I opened the box and lo and behold the fairing had a crack running from the hole where the oil sight glass is, to the notch where the radiator hose runs through it. Damn! This just keeps getting better all the time!

I rode the Bike a few more days to keep an eye on the oil leak. It continued so I decided to call Max BMW once again. This time I was put through to Max himself and I told him the whole story and how frustrated I was. He apologized and offered to pick the bike up that day, Thursday, and bring the bike back to the shop one more time and that he would walk it through the service himself. I told him I was reluctant to do so as I didn't want to have to wait a couple more weeks for it. He assured me that he would get the bike back to me on Saturday unless it needed a part that was not in stock. I agreed and the bike was picked up that afternoon.

The better part of Saturday came and went and I had not heard anything about my bike so once again I called them. I spoke to Max and he told me they hadn't been able to do much with the bike because it had been raining so much and he couldn't test ride it to see where the oil leak was coming from. I realized my bike wasn't coming home that day as promised and I feel that had I not called them I wouldn't have been called either. I got pretty frustrated and told Max that they should forget the test rides and putting paper under the bike and just take the damn thing apart and look for the leak! Max also said that he had sent my belly pan to a body shop to have the crack repaired.

I was frustrated and told Max that I had planned a ride for the week ahead and that this would be the second time I had to cancel due to my bike being at his place again. He offered to bring me a loaner bike and so we agreed to meet the next day, Sunday, at a location about half way between the two of us. He called the next morning and we met as planned. Max brought a 2006 K1200R for me to use until my bike was done.

I spent the next few days enjoying the K12R but hey, I didn’t want to be the one to scratch it either, so I looked forward to the return of my bike. On Thursday evening I received a voice mail from Max giving me an update on my bike, the leak and backfiring had been fixed, and he was just waiting for my belly pan to come back from the body shop, finally! The end was near!

On Tuesday morning I received the call from Max that my bike would be delivered the next day and he would give me a follow up call regarding my bike. I went home from work and gave the loaner bike a wash and wipe down before it went back to them.

Wednesday I got home from work and the swap had been made, my K75 was home again! I realized my time washing their bike had been wasted as the effort was not reciprocated. My bike had greasy finger prints on the gas tank and front fender.

Last night I read a statement on the BMWMOA website where someone said that quote, “Max BMW serviced my bike, and MAX himself rode it out of the shop washed and all”

In the three times my bike was delivered from their shop my bike was never washed! In total I spent just shy of $1800.00 there!

O.K I realize this was a long post but I wanted to give you all the facts.
Hey! You just had to read it but I got to live it!

I had high hopes for this dealership but after this experience I can’t recommend them. Every time I open the BMWMOA magazine I see their full page ads and read about the ride or event they will be participating in. I can’t help but think that perhaps Max BMW is marketing his business more aggressively than he can handle it, and in the end, quality will suffer and so will some of his customers.
I feel I was one of them who did.

Six weeks after getting my bike back I’m still waiting for that follow up call on how things are going. The crack repair and paint work was very good. The leak is gone. But the backfiring continues. I’m going to MOA rally in Vermont this week and hope to find a cure I can do myself!

Thanks for reading this post

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